Lingdale Golf Club
Lingdale Golf Club
Lingdale Golf Club

Local Rules

1) Out of Bounds (Rule 18) - A ball lies out of bounds if it lies:

a) Beyond any fence, hedge or wall bounding the course.

b) Beyond the hedge, wall or white posts to the right of the 9th hole when playing that hole.

c) Beyond the boundary wall alongside the 10th and 11th hole when playing that hole.

d) Beyond the white posts behind the 12th and 18th greens, beyond the crocodile teeth (which acts as Out of Bounds posts) on the practice ground and the 9th hole.

e) On any designated car park areas.

NB: It is prohited to cross over any boundary for any reason. This includes the stiles on the 2nd and 13th fairway.

2) Staked Trees

Young trees are identified by a stake, rabbit guard or tape. If sucha  tree interferes with the players stance or area of intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted and dropped without penalty in accordance with procedure described in Rule 14. The ball may be cleaned when lifted.

3) Ground Under Repair (Abnormal Course Conditions - Rule 16) - Areas defined by white lines, relief is optional. However play is prohibited from:

a) Newly turfed or seeded areas (with the exception of seeded divots)

b) Plantation areas duly marked

4) Penalty Areas (Rule 17)

Penalty areas are defined by red or yellow stakes.

5) Stones & Loose Impediments in Bunkers & Penalty Areas

Loose impediments can be removed without penalty anywhere on or off the course with exception (Rule 15).

6) Roads, Tracks & Pathways

All roadways, paths & tracks are immovable obstructions from which relifer may be taken under rule 15 with the exception of some bridges that are marked as part of a penalty area.

7) Fixed Sprinkler Heads

All fixed sprinklers heads are immovable obstructions from which relief may be obtained under rule 15. In addition under the rules of golf adopted rule so players are also entitled to relief when a sprinkler head intervences on their line of play provided:

a) the obstruction is on or within two club lengths of the putting green.

b) the ball lies within two club lenghts of the obstruction.

8) Practice

a) The practice putting green is a wrong green (Rule 14 applies)

b) The practice chipping green and practice area to the right and left of the first tee and behind the 8th green are wrong greens (Rule 14 applies)

c) The practice putting green, short game practice area and the practice area to the left of the 9th hole and fairway are all integral parts of the course on which practice is permitted on the day of a competition.

9) Distance Measuring Devices

The use of distance measuring devices for the purpose of assessing distance only is permitted, strictly in accordance with Rule 4.

10) Immovable Obstructions

The bells on the 1st and 9th holes, the practice net on the 9th and any steps on the golf course are immovable obstructions from which relief may be taken. Rule 16.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rule

Match Play - Loss of Hole

Stroke Play - Two Strokes

Mobile phones are allowed on the course for emergencies only but must be switched off or on silent mode otherwise.