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Club Championship (Joan Haywood Shield)

Joan Haywood Shield

Both the Joan Haywood Shield and the Cathie Hodkinson Trophy are played for on Club Championship Day. The Joan Haywood shield is awarded to the lady with the lowest gross score and the Cathie Hodkinson is awarded to the lowest net score submitted.

Joan was the Ladies' Captain in 1975 and Cathie was the Captain during 1989

Year Winner(s)
2024 Mrs B Suffolk
2023 Mrs B Suffolk
2022 Mrs B Suffolk
2021 Mrs D Miller
2020 Mrs B Suffolk
2019 Mrs B Suffolk
2018 Miss O Barrs
2017 Miss O Barrs
2016 Mrs B Suffolk
2015 Miss O Barrs
2014 Mrs B Suffolk
2013 Miss M Deere
2012 Mrs B Suffolk
2011 Miss B Fisher
2010 Miss B Fisher
2009 Miss S Holwell
2008 Miss S Holwell
2007 Mrs A MacGregor
2006 Mrs A MacGregor
2005 Mrs A MacGregor
2004 Miss S Holwell
2003 Miss S Holwell
2002 Mrs D Miller
2001 Mrs D Miller
2000 Mrs D Miller
1999 Mrs D Miller
1998 Miss D Brearley
1997 Miss S Holwell
1996 Miss S Holwell
1995 Miss S Holwell
1994 Miss S Holwell
1993 Miss S Holwell
1992 Miss S Holwell
1991 Miss S Holwell
1990 Mrs A MacGregor
1989 Mrs C Long
1988 Mrs J Waterfield
1987 Mrs C Hickinbottom
1986 Mrs J Green
1985 Mrs C Prattley
1984 Mrs C Prattley
1983 Miss T Robinson
1982 Mrs C Onions
1981 Mrs C Onions 
1980 Miss B Cairns
1979 Miss B Cairns
1978 Miss B Cairns
1977 Miss B Cairns
1976 Miss B Cairns
1975 Miss B Cairns