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Gents Betterball Open - 10th June

On Saturday 10th June we hosted the Gents Betterball Open at Lingdale -

The results were:

1st Place - Nick Rouse & Tomas Castka (Both Lingdale) - 44points

2nd Place - Jeff Smith & Ashley Fisher (Both Ormonde Fields)- 43points

3rd Place - Tony Bolstridge & Josh Lovitt (Both Lingdale) - 42points l/r

4th Place - Ashley Carr & Matt Elson (Both Lingdale) - 42points l/r

5th Place - Steve King & Elijah Cayless (Both Lingdale) - 42points

6th Place - Jamie Scott & Owen Scott (Both Uttoxeter) - 41points

Best Gross - Tom Jackson & Matt Clarke (Both Lingdale) - 35points

Thanks to all those who supported the event and we hope to welcome you back in the future.

Created: 12-Jun-17 09:28

Ladies' Anniversary Waltz Open - 9th June

On Friday 9th June 2017 we hosted a Ladies Anniversary Waltz Open which followed a slightly different format to the normal Waltz as it went 2 to score, 2 to score and then 3 to score in cycles of 3.

The results were:

1st Place - Rebecca Mayfield, Deb Bates, Sam Chell & Jan Neal (All Kilworth Springs) - 90points

2nd Place - Pam Fox, Judy Arden (Both Lingdale), Annettee O'meara (Charnwood) and Helen Sherratt (Kenwick Park) - 89points

3rd Place - Taruna Sama, Lucy Patterson, Helen Hope & Kathy Hunt (All Leicestershire) - 87points

4th Place - Barbara Cockeram, Margaret Enoch, Hilary Smalley & Pami Boyd (All Maywood Golf Club) - 83points

Thank you to all the participants for their support and we lok forward to welcoming you to Lingdale in the future.

Created: 12-Jun-17 09:22

Back In Time Event at Lingdale Golf Club

On Friday 12th May 2017 we hosted a special 50th Anniversary Back In Time Event whereby many current and ex members were invited back to play the golf course the way it used to be played.

The team winners on the day were;

Andy Bradshaw, Alan Youd, Greg Basil, Graham Rix and Graham Fox

The nearest the pin prizes were won by Jim Sharpe and Graham Fox.

Created: 26-May-17 12:16

Ready Golf at Lingdale Golf Club

Lingdale Golf Club strongly endorses Ready Golf and encourages all members and visitors to adopt it in their friendly games irrespective of format.  This is a common-sense approach and all players should still ensure their own personal safety and that of other players.Agree to this before you tee off on the first hole and encourage fellow players throughout the round.


  •  Tee off as soon as the group ahead is clear.
  • Player who is ready should hit (not necessarily the one with the honour).
  • Don't all cluster at one ball, go to your own ball, providing it is safe to do so and you are not in the line of play.
  • Hit when ready without delay.
  • If you see a player is ready, whether you are or not, indicate to them to go ahead.
  • Take practice swings immediately so long as you do not disturb the player that is hitting and watch their shot land to guard against the possibility of a lost ball.
  • If you are first to your ball and you are ready to safely hit, let others know you are hitting.
  • Limit lost ball search to 3 minutes except under competition rules.
  • Study your putt whilst others are putting.
  • If you cannot score, quit playing the hole and pick up.

Other considerations:

  • Walk and talk.
  • Position bags or trolleys to allow for quick and efficient movement off the green towards the next tee.
  • Mark scorecards at the next tee not on the green.
  • Minimise delays for ball searches and lost balls by playing a provisional ball, especially if there is a risk of being out of bounds.
  • All players in a group should make a conscious effort to carefully watch each other's shots, as well as their own, which results in less searching time and fewer lost balls.
Created: 25-May-17 12:48

Seniors Over 55's Open AmAm

On Monday 22nd May 2017 we hosted our first Seniors Open competition of the season with the Seniors Over 55's AmAm taking place at Lingdale.

The results were:

1st Place - Roy Unwin (Lingdale), Albert Unwin, Trevor Unwin & John Unwin (All Forest Hill) - 84points

2nd Place - Dave Johnson, Mike Stevenson, Clive Patrick and Peter Thorpe (All Lingdale) - 83points l/r

3rd Place - Pete Charles, Paul Charles, Steve Goodger & Malcolm Hayes (All Lingdale) - 83points

4th Place - Stewart Fairweather (Stonebridge), Fred Summers, Mick Warren (Both Burton On Trent) & Ken Podmore (Wishaw) - 78points

Nearest The Pin - Mike Stevenson

Prize Draw - Bob Laughton

Thank you to all the participants for their support and we lok forward to welcoming you to Lingdale in the future.

Created: 23-May-17 10:13
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