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Ladies' Anniversary Waltz Open - 9th June

On Friday 9th June 2017 we hosted a Ladies Anniversary Waltz Open which followed a slightly different format to the normal Waltz as it went 2 to score, 2 to score and then 3 to score in cycles of 3.

The results were:

1st Place - Rebecca Mayfield, Deb Bates, Sam Chell & Jan Neal (All Kilworth Springs) - 90points

2nd Place - Pam Fox, Judy Arden (Both Lingdale), Annettee O'meara (Charnwood) and Helen Sherratt (Kenwick Park) - 89points

3rd Place - Taruna Sama, Lucy Patterson, Helen Hope & Kathy Hunt (All Leicestershire) - 87points

4th Place - Barbara Cockeram, Margaret Enoch, Hilary Smalley & Pami Boyd (All Maywood Golf Club) - 83points

Thank you to all the participants for their support and we lok forward to welcoming you to Lingdale in the future.